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Introducing our PIY Budget Kit - our most popular moving carton bundle containing:

  • 4 * Multi Moving Boxes

    This sturdy, multi-purpose cardboard box is the best one to choose for packing heavier items such as books, CD's, records, etc. The volume of this carton limits the quantity of these items preventing it from becoming too heavy to lift. The Multi Moving Box is fantastic to use as it's of a very manageable size.

    Dimensions: 340 * 255 * 305 mm

    Valued at $15.41

  • 8 * Medium Moving Boxes with Handles

    This sturdy cardboard carton is recommended for packing items that can be easily lifted such as toys, DVD's, plastic ware, etc. It also has handles to make lifting easier.

    20 of our Medium PIY Cartons is exactly 1 cubic meter.

    Dimensions 406 * 298 * 431 mm

    Valued at $41.86

  • 5 * Large Double Walled Moving Boxes with Handles

    This Tea Chest sized cardboard packing box is double walled for extra strength. Recommended for packing light or bulky items such as linen, towels, pillows, plasticware, etc and great for long term storage or for Domestic/International Transit.

    10 of our Large PIY Cartons is exactly 1 cubic meter.

    Dimensions: 431 * 406 * 596 mm

    Valued at $34.50

  • 1 * Roll of Adhesive Packing Tape

    Strong, tried and tested. A truely robust packaging and sealing tape.

    Valued at $4.60

  • PIY Packing Guidelines E-book

    PIY Packing Guidelines and Tips Ebook plus the PIY Moving Document Bundle including all of the essential moving document templates

    Valued at $20.00

  • PIY Video Guide to Moving Overseas

    PIY Video "Guide to Moving overseas" containing all the do's and don'ts of moving overseas

    Valued at $25.00

Whats next?

  1. Buy Now and order your PIY Quick Kit bundle
  2. PIY order confirmation will be emailed to you along with the PIY e-book, document packs and video link resources next working day.
  3. Your order will be picked and wrapped (same day) in plastic to protect from the weather.
  4. Order tracking details will be emailed to you and order dispatched same day
  5. Delivery 1-5 days depending on delivery point within NZ - see FAQs for more info on delivery timings.
  6. You are now empowered to Pak-It-Yourself!
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Need help?


Are there problems with packing myself?

The biggest barriers preventing you from packing your own belongings is obtaining the right packing materials for the job and getting access to a full transit insurance cover in the process. Many insurers don’t like to cover self-packed effects in part because most people use the wrong materials. This leaves you with little option than to fork out more money to hire professional packers or scrounge around for whatever boxes you can find. Then you’ll need to find a freight company prepared to transport everything for you.

So what’s the solution?

Pak-It-Yourself have developed a practical and easy to use Pak-It-Yourself system designed especially to overcome these barriers so you can pack like a professional using the packaging we supply and get access to our hassle-free freighting service. This option is the best way to preserve your privacy too, not everyone is comfortable with the idea of strangers handling their things.       

 What's wrong with using the collection of old boxes I've found?

Boxes that have been commercially used before you get them can be structurally compromised, which puts your belongings at risk of damage. Any previously used fruit boxes should also be avoided if moving internationally, as you will attract the attention of the destination quarantine authorities - this can be a very costly mistake. Also having an assortment of box types and sizes can make your freight challenging to load them economically into a vehicle, container or storage... and space is a valuable commodity.

 How long before I will get my PIY Order?

PIY orders are dispatched next working day after order/payment confirmation.

Delivery timings once dispatched are as follows:

  • Christchurch - Delivered same day as dispatch time
  • South Island main centres - 1 working day from dispatch time
  • South Island rural - 2 working days from dispatch time
  • North Island main centres - 3 working days from dispatch time
  • North Island rural - 4-5 working days from dispatch time
  • For super urgent orders using our connections with Jetstar, we have same day and over night options for pick ups into Wellington and Auckland at an additional charge. Please contact us for more information on this service.

Can PIY help me with moving my items throughout NZ or exporting overseas?

Yes!!. PIY is powered by Koru Customs & International Freight Limited for export shipments via Air and Sea and powered by Inxpress for domestic movements within NZ and courier sized shipments using the likes of DHL and FEDEX. Contact us for more details on these services.

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